Wow, this trip went so fast. We were a team of four and doing many events and programs. We started our first morning preaching and singing at a start-up Church in Kampala to encourage the body there.

We quickly headed across the country and the next morning were at a graduation of 8 of our students from our program who have learned English and have begun computer literacy classes.

We had two speakers from the local government. The District Education Secretary on the right in this photo and a Local Govt Councilor seen above giving the certificates

For us to see so many of our students gathered into such a small space was very humbling and gratifying. We all had a wonderful time encouraging, teaching and helping the students with computer literacy using the new laptops and projector we brought for the PRC. This panorama shot below gives you an idea of the small space we are using.

Then that they would choose to honor us with a plaque to thank us for our heart and our efforts was amazing. These students are understanding the importance of earning an education and we can see on their faces the confidence they are getting from the knowledge they have.

I opened the Youth Rally that we titled "Lets get ready" . We spoke for 4 or five hours to around 1000 young people about covenant relationship, dating, courting, abstinence, how to find the right mate, how to prepare for marriage and the baggage that comes into a relationship because of our past and family.

Below pictures are our guest singer "Samalie Matovu" (one of the most popular singers in Uganda), Pastor Doug Calhoun (Calvary Chapel Ft Portal), Kimberly McCleskey(co-founder of HHIM), Issac Wootton (Leader of School of Ministry), Pastor John Baguma (our director) and Godwin (a student at the School of ministry) who were all part of the rally

Below are some pictures of the 4 different Churches we visited over the weeks we were there teaching, singing and even did a baby dedication

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