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Hello, we are David and Kimberly McCleskey, and we are the founders of Helping Hands International Ministries. After numerous trips to Uganda and Kenya we felt that the Lord was calling us to reach out to the struggling Pastors and their wives in Africa. We knew that our influence would be small, but that we could encourage Pastors and their wives and help them to grow the influence that they had in their Churches, Villages, Tribes and Districts and so on.

It's the pebble affect; they throw the testimony of their lives (good marriage, strong and steady faith and family structure) into the pond and watch it spread. We wanted to break the mold of past missionary ventures where the Americans come to teach and preach and go home with little aid given to those that they minister to.

We believe that the Lord has called us to Educate, Encourage and Empower the Pastors and their wives, and to then watch the ripple effect in the Pond.

Please check out our various pages to see our vision and past mission trips and see how you can help to influence the continent of Africa for Christ.


Your donation goes directly to educating, encouraging and empowering pastors and their wives to spread Gods love in their communities.


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