Our Team in Uganda

We have assembled a great team in Uganda to do the continuing work of educating, encouraging, and empowering the people we have been called to help. After years of Kim and I hiring people in many positions, and fields we have learned to hire for integrity and coachability. Our first criteria for a team member at HHIM has always been to be a humble servant. We’ve made mistakes in the past but through focus and educating ourselves on the culture we have been able to assemble a quality team. We are so proud of the group we have assembled.

John Baguma

Uganda National Director

John is married to wife Jacqueline with 8 children and 7 grandchildren. They have lost 2 children from Malaria. He Pastors a Church called Church of the Cross. We met John on our first trip to Uganda in 2004 where he was struggling, spoke no English and had only a 1st grade education limiting his travel to mostly his village and Kingdom. We decided to help him financially and sent him for English classes so he could read and understand well enough to further educate himself.

After a few years of classes, we were able to communicate and he was growing, reading a study Bible, preaching outside his area, and doing God’s work in a new way. We realized that for the money we were paying for his classes we could hire a teacher. After lots of thought and prayer we did just that. In 2008 we had our first class of 13 students and began HHIM officially. John is the poster child for the educational work we continue to do there in Uganda. He now has preached in Rwanda, Tanzania, The DRC, and all over the country of Uganda where English is the common denominator.

Stella Kambuka

Ft Portal English teacher

Stella is an educated, and certified teacher. She has 1 girl and 2 boys, and she also cares for 2 grandchildren, and 2 other orphans. Stella was a head mistress at a primary school. She struggled with her job as it was a Muslim school and could never talk about her faith or be encouraged by fellow staff during her tenure there. She was recruited by John our director and quit her job there to come to work for us January of 2015. Being a certified trained educator has been a real blessing. Many of the students need to be taught their own native language to be able to translate it to English so the challenges are many.

Fredrick Musana

Ft Portal Computer teacher

Frederick is a pastor and started taking computer classes through HHIM in 2011 and completed after 2 yrs. In 2015 we asked him to join with HHIM teaching computer literacy. At that time the teachers traveled to 3 different teaching locations. The staff would take public transportation 30 kilometers north one day a week, and 80 kilometers south another day while teaching at our base location in Ft Portal 3 days per week. Since coming to HHIM Frederick married to Edrin Komuhendo, and they now have 2 girls along with caring for 2 other orphans. Frederick recently started his own church called, Power of God Church.

Sedrack Masaga

Kasese English teacher

He is married to Masereka Ruth. They have 5 children, 4 boys, and one girl. They also care for 3 orphans, 2 girls and a boy. Sedrack Pastors at Power of God Church where we are blessed to hold the English classes in our Kasese location. He started working for HHIM in 2016. He has many challenges as many of the students are refugees from the DRC and don’t speak or their speech is very limited the languages of Uganda.

Solomon Kinto

Kasese Computer teacher

Solomon is married to Biira Joviah and they have 1 daughter. He has been with HHIM since April of 2016. Solomon’s father allows us to use his Church building for teaching computer literacy.

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