I started this trip visiting my "Jesse's" (a boy we have supported since 2003) school. Its University Hills Primary School In Mukono. I spoke to every class and tried to encourage them to not be lazy in school like I was.

Here is Jesse with his Aunt Enid who is the
Head Mistress of the school and a drear friend

Here is one of the beautiful children in the first I.D.P.(internally displaced people) camps I visited. The people there are feeling so hopeless.

ne of the boys I met was 14 (here in the pink shirt) and the head of his household due to the death of both of his parents. I asked what his dream would be in a perfect world that could be a miracle and he didn't even know how to respond. He has not been able to see dreams come true and had no idea what that even looks like.

Here is a 16 year old girl with a 3 week old baby. The baby was named problems because she was born in a time of trouble for the girl who had no living parents and felt hopeless. After praying and talking with the girl, she asked me to give the baby a Christian name. The bays new name is "FAITH"...and we pray that she will live a life of hope and faith through her new name.

Here is another child mom. She is 17 and her baby s 15 months. She lives with her baby's grandmother and without an income, or a way to sustain herself. As I looked into her eyes I grew sad to see the lack of hope, and ability to dream of better times and the desire to make life better for her child. Most of these Child moms didn't show me their babies with pride, they were ashamed and sad.....I told them that all babies are a precious gift from God and loved equally in His eyes.

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